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Website directories are everywhere. Thousands upon thousands. If you want to submit to all of them you are best off using a submission service. The amount of time to do it by hand would take hundreds of hours.

However, if you just want to focus on the ones that are going to make up 90% of the traffic and rankings push, then keep on reading and I will explain why and how to get included in each of the top 4 directories.

Three things to remember when submitting a site to a directory

1) Spell check your main pages of the site before making a submission. One misspell could lead to you never getting listed.

2) Choose keywords for your site as opposed to writing out the exact domain name for your site submission. If you get listed for certain strings, then you can guarantee a great ranking in the search engines.

3) Look at the Page Rank for each sub-directories before choosing the one to submit to. Your site may qualify for multiple directory submissions that range in PR.

Here comes the secrets of the top directories to submit your website to.

DMOZ Directory Submission

This old simple website directory still plays the largest role out of all directories.

Key Website Directory Submission Points:

Become an Editor - This is one of the hardest directories to get into if you are not part of the community. Spend your time applying for editor positions of categories with no editors. Once you become an editor then you can get all of your sites submitted and published.

Start Your Title with an A - DMOZ is still working off the simple approach of ranking all submissions alphabetically. The higher up your site the more traffic and search engine value your site will have.

Best Advice:

Choose a Directory that You See is Getting Updates - Many of the editors have gone AWOL and will never return. So if you submit to a directory that has been cold for months, then your site may never even get reviewed.

Yahoo Directory Submission

What was once the foundation of the internet is still important, but it is not what it is used to be. Your website submission will play a crucial role in search engine rankings, especially yahoo.

Key Website Directory Submission Points:

Choose Directories that Have Less than 20 Sites Listed - The sites are ranked in order of most traffic off of yahoo search and they are listed 20 per page. If you are 21, then the listing serves no purpose at all.

Tailor A Page to A Directory with Less Than 10 Sites Listed - For example, you can write a page on software piracy that is not your home page and still get it listed. This is a great way to get more than one submission approved.

Best Advice:

Pay for the Submission - Yahoo does not spend much time managing their directory anymore. If you do not pay for your website submission, then it may take months to get reviewed. Choose your directly wisely and then pony up the money. Directory Submission

This is a pay submission only, but since it is a business site only it is definintely worth it.

Key Website Directory Submission Points:

Featured Listing - If you look at this directory you can see that the featured listings are at the top. Either pay for the featured listing or choose a directory that does not have many sites featured.

Alphabetical - As you can see past the featured listings on this directory the list is alphabetical. Try and add the a or a number in front of you listing to be at the top.

Best Advice:

Pay for The Feature - This site has a high conversion ratio, so if you have legitimate business model it is worth paying to be featured and having a great title to pull the traffic.

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